HTML (No table tag) paste everything into excel

CheckCompany.html (2.2 MB)
This is a example where my email store them to a html but i realize there no table tag
how can i paste it nicely to excel with all clearly intact instead of paste it into 1 single cell?


You can try as Read Text file activity which output a string, use Generate Datatable and do as below

After that check the output and do changes as per the output

Hope this may help you


hi thanks i saw it work well but do u have way for the first before

i just wan copy only the company name and the number but it seems
that the first company got mix with the number
should be something like this any way to fix this?
CheckingCompany.xlsx (72.2 KB)

This is how the email look like it was a pretty messy
all i wan is to copy the company and Haulier while the rest i ignore
FW ITH_CT2CT3 Haulier Reports in Last 3 (84.1 KB)

Hi @CoolRobot
may i know one thing, can u highlight which is company and haulier here

just highlight for first row data

Hi it be

Something like this

hi any luck yet?

Hi @CoolRobot
sorry for late response, can u try with this regex \S+\s+\S{2}\s+\d{4}\w

hi never use regex before where i paste this to?
i have converted it into a txt file where
CheckCompany.html (2.2 MB)

now i am so confuse