HTML content variable into HTML content variable

Hello, I am using multiple HTML content activity based on if conditions and want to combine all the HTML content variables into one HTML content activity. But, having issue. When I draft the email it appears as HTML code and not text with colors when I have IsBodyHtml checked and mapped the data values .


How can I use multiple HTML content activity, then, combine all of into one html activity?

Hello @RPA_Path

In the send outlook mail message, did you enabled IsBodyHtml ?

If not please enable it in property and try

  • IsBodyHtml - Specifies whether the body of the message is written in HTML format.

Yes, I did enable IsBodyHtml

Did you validated the HTML syntax? iF NOT

Do one thing, paste HTML code in a notepad and save as HTML. Please check whether it is giving the correct output.

bodyFile.txt (1.3 KB)

Attached is one layout which I have used in one sample.

the HTML code is correct because if I don’t try to combine the HTML content then, it works. But, if I try to combine it doesn’t work.

Maybe I need to save the content as something esle, other than as a string? is there a variable to save the HTML content?

You can save it as a string and it will not throw any error.

in the HTML syntax after i can see few other tags which are not closed.

Can you share the entire HTML code which you are getting as output.