HR Onboarding Workflow


Anyone Having HR Onboarding Workflow,Please Share ?

  1. This is quite a lazy request
  2. Presumably any HR Onboarding process would belong to a client and should therefore absolutely not be shared.


Hi Kirti,

I have HR onboarding flow which belongs to client hence I can’t share with you…

Please let me know if you need any help on flow/process… definately we will help on that.


Sir I Need It Very Badly For My POC.


I have some Data In Excel Format
and Want To Enter That Data In Online Recruitment Tool and Save It

My Browser (IE) and URL
** credentials hidden - privacy reasons **

After Successful Login
Go to the Candidate in the Tool Bar
Click the Check Box
Click the Edit Icon
Fill The Required Field(Fetch From Excel Data)
After Filling the Data then Save Data
Then SignOut The Browser.


Yup !!! I Know Sir, But I need it For POC


Hi KirtiRanjan,

Please be careful when sharing sensitive information such as your own credentials or your candidates emails.

We understand you need to do your own job and deliver a POC but even if someone would do the workflow in Studio for you, there are many chances you wouldn’t understand what’s in there.

If you would try at least to do something and ask here for help because you’re stuck in a step or you encounter a punctual issue, I’m sure everyone here will gladly help you.


I know, But Its Urgent and m not getting any Clue, How to do it ?