HR Hiring and Boarding Automation


What is the use case

I’m going big here, but this is something that I’ve toyed with before, to no avail.

Every company spends thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours (in some case way more) every time that must hire a new employee.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

OCR and Unstructured data analytics ability would be able to screen through the resumes to select interview candidates.

Cognitive tool(s) integration, like NLP, would be great to analyze sentiment and substance in resumes.

For the interview process I think NLP and Vision AI is required to be able to capture the users responses and possibly even body language to create a rating criteria. This would help with with selection, which could require manager/hr input or override.

Offer and Hire would require NLP to craft a letter out of a template.

Hire and Orientation requires integration with Payroll systems, forms for the user to sign (so eSign capability integration), and chat bot capabilities for FAQ.

System Access could utilize API’s or desktop automation to board the employee based on a preset rules based on title and department.

Scope: ______________

Process: Interviewing, Rating, Selecting, Offer, Hire, Orientation, and Systems Access.

Job had been created, things like pay rates and job descriptions, exists and the automation is “simply” going out and posting on job forums, responding to emails, scheduling interviews, interviewing, selecting, and boarding.

  • Custom Activity
  • Reusable Component
  • Template
  • Automation Framework
  • Application Connector
  • Data Connector
  • RPA Documentation
  • Machine learning model
  • Dashboard


Personally I don’t think AI is advanced enough to replace human perception during a face to face interview. Certain aspects of HR onboarding such as creating new users in systems, adding details to payroll systems etc can definitely be automated, we have implemented some of these processes for our business.

Also not sure your HR department would take kindly to you trying to replace them all with ‘emotionless’ robots :wink:


After hiring the the On boarding process can be automate easily.
But you had thought for the HR hiring process to automation using that is really appreciated.

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