Howto use JSON as config file

Hi together

Every so often, JSON is recommended to use instead of Excel. For instance in the REFramework.

Can anybody tell me how to do so? Especially, how to use the framework with JSON? Is there a template or similar?

Thank you

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Hi @Enrico,

Fine…! Kindly refer to the below xaml file. Hope this would help you to use JSON file

json.xaml (5.3 KB)

Before that kindly install UiPath.Web.Activities package in your studio to use this JSON file. Because you wont be having the activities related JSON files readily available in activity panel by default. Once you save this package to your studio from Manage package option in design tab, you can go ahead further…!

I would like to give you few more suggestions for the issue that i faced when using json activities…like if you get any error like "type jobject is not defined ", dont worry buddy, just update these packages in manage package menu like , “UiPath.System.Activities” and “UiPath.Web.Activities”. It will get resolved…Thats all buddy…there you go…!



Thank you. I’ll check that.
I think I’ve found a handy way to implement.


That’s great…!

Kindly let us know for any suggestions


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