How you get the pdf /document page width and height in UipPath

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I am working on extracting signature from PDF file through AWS text tract.
I wanted to put bounding box in the signature place. Could you please help in getting the document page width and height.


Hello @Nancy29

  1. Install Package:
  • Make sure you have the UiPath.PDF.Activities package installed. If not, you can install it from the β€œManage Packages” section in UiPath Studio.
  1. Use β€œGet PDF Page Size” Activity:
  • Drag and drop the β€œGet PDF Page Size” activity into your workflow.
  • In the properties panel of the activity:
    • Specify the PDF file path or provide a PDF document variable.
    • Specify the page number for which you want to get the size (usually 1 for the first page).
    • Create output variables for Width and Height

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please share a screenshot of this activity with us. Thanks

This Package you have to install from manage packages

Search Get PDF Page count in Activities

was not asked. We asked for:

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