How would you approach parsing this to just retain the names of people?


I’m trying to clean up this scrape from a google calendar invitee list that stores in a string variable, but I’m not sure of the best way to approach extracting just the people’s names (and of course they will be different every time the script runs), and separating them by “OR” (going to append the names to a URL and query a directory). I’m not sure what the special chars are that appear here, too. I’m a super newbie, so sorry if this is basic to someone else. Thanks in Advanced!

3 yes
Bill Bright (US - Marketing)
Organizer  
Mary Sunshine (MX - IT)  
Bob Smiley (UK - HC)  
Guests can:
Modify event
Invite others
See guest list


Don’t Worry about those Special Characters.

If there will be always the Name is Appended with there Country and Domain then you can easily extract it by using below Regex.
Use Matches Activity

Regex Pattern- .*?(?=()
Input- String Variable
Regex Option : (IgnoreCase, Compiled)


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Thank you! Will Regex work to remove the first two lines and the last three, too? I’ll look into the regex commands and syntax today. Thank you so much for the quick response.

Sorry, to clarify, the names won’t always have that country/department identifier, so I would probably have to clip the string other ways, too. Your answer above is super helpful, though, and I think it solved half of my problem already. Testing it out now.

Thanks again! This worked! Now on to my next challenge – but you’ve given me a lot to go on here, and I think I can sort through it with other activities and functions.

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