How works dynamics selector into the Modern Design Experience?

Hello guys, a long time ago that I am not posted a question here, but today is the day. Guys I want to know something about the new Modern Design Experience, I started the course at UiPath Academy, but all the training was realized under STUDIO X, but I am using STUDIO. Watching the videos, I saw new useful concepts, but I’m worried because still, I can see anything about how works dynamic selectors, or for example and the classic design we can use variables into the selectors, but now we have a new statement called FUZZY SELECTOR. I’m not if into the next maybe the videos show something about this. But if you any idea or you can clarify my doubts, please give some help with this. Thank you.

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Please keep one thing in mind, while creating a dynamic descriptor do remember to unlink it from object repository otherwise it won’t work.

Core difference between a selector and a fuzzy selector is that a selector will only execute if there is 100% match however in case of a fuzzy selector you can define how much percentage accuracy do you want, accuracy can be defined while creating a fuzzy selector.

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In fuzzy selector we can level of accuracy of the output based on fuzzy level accuracy(0-1)
0- lower the accuracy level, it returns the result with lower matching result related to the tag_name.
1- higher the accuracy level, it returns the result with higher matching result related to the tag_name
for an example : If I have to input 123-098 , if I exactly type how it is than with better accuracy it will give the output, instead of that if I type 123098 than have to change the fuzzy accuracy like 0.3(30%),0.2 etc it will fetch you the result with low matching
syntax for that is as follows –
matching:<tag_name>=fuzzy , tag_name can be aaname or anything based upon your requirement
fuzzyLevel:<tag_name>=<numerical_value> – here we can mention the tag_name with numeric value i.e accuracy value ranging from 0 to 1

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