How will i integrate ABBYY flexicapture distributed to Uipath?

Hi, i have ABBYY flexicapture distributed trial version. How can i integrate it to Uipath?

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Hi hope this could help you

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in uipath,there is an activity process document in that document we need to upload fc dot file which is generated from abby.

ABBYY distributed 12 have many features and easy to use by UiPath. I have experience how to use this product.

  1. U need to create a layout design regarding to your invoice or document by studio.
  2. once u finish create studio, u need to create a Document Definition on Project Setup station. document definition is only table structure u want to extract from ur designed layout.
  3. before u create a document definition, u need to create a new project on Project setup station.
  4. finish create project, u need to create batch type on project setup station.
  5. and testing ur pdf on working batch list

if you think ur layout is working as ur expect. now, you are good to connect with UiPath.

  1. Download Uipath Connection from the link @Palaniyappan given.
  2. configure your properties as pic below
  3. done.

hope it able to help u.


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hi @irahmat Thanks for the above info. I have a question, currently iā€™m testing the ABBYY flexicapture 12 distributed. Is it okay to install it just on my laptop for testing purposes. Like i installed the whole distributed.

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Yeah, no problem. but remember that distributed is server side.

you should separate them between Robot and ABBYY in Actual Project.