How we write a expression in regex?

Hi team ,
I need write the query language to get the files from C:\SAP Concur\Output from this .

I need to upload the file for everday . How should i write ?


Hi do you want to upload all the files on that “input” folder u screenshot into “output” folder?"


That screen shot is I need upload to that server . Everyday i ran the bot, bot will generate a file . I need to upload the file to the server. How should i write ?

Hi @shankar.arekonda.external ,

Could you maybe provide a bit more details as to whether you want to Fetch multiple files from Folder and upload or will it only be a Single file always ?

Also is it the Excel file or Pdf file or Both of the files ?

Assuming you need to fetch the Excel file, then we could use the below Method :

Directory.GetFiles("C:\SAP Concur\Output","*.xlsx").First

If needed to match the dynamic filename, then we could also try with the below :

Directory.GetFiles("C:\SAP Concur\Output","Employee_Details_*.xlsx").First

The above is assuming that only one Excel file would be present. If multiple excel files would be present, let us know and we could provide a slightly more advanced version for selection of the appropriate file.

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