How we can trigger robot through rest / webhook

I am trying to integrate RASA chatbot with UI path.How we can achieve that .Any rest api or webhook available? How we can establish socket based communication with UI path


Hi @hemsush,

we have a package available to call a rest url or a soap in uipath.
All you need to do is importing the package : UiPath.Web.Activities

@HareeshMR I am trying to trigger one Robo through Rest and get the response back in JSON format . Is is possible.

It is possible. UiPath is an advanced tool that we don’t know all its abilities.

Here is the URL to refer the REST api of UiPath Orchestrator : About OData and References

Thanks . I am trying to use trigger job api - [!/Jobs/Jobs_StartJobs] . How can i start the job from another client like postman.What are all the required parameters.
My Request

 "startInfo": {
  "ReleaseKey": "xxxxxx",
 "Strategy": "All",
  "RobotIds": [



 "message": "Invalid properties for execution target!",
 "errorCode": 0,
 "resourceIds": null

First of all you to start a job you will require two things

  1. Process that you want to run → you can get this information using /odata/Releases → Get the release key
  2. On which robot you want to run → you can get this information using /odata/Robtos → Get the RobotID

Once you have both the details, you can use /odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs
with below parameters:
{ startInfo:
{ ReleaseKey: + releaseKey +
,RobotIds: [ + robotId + ]
,NoOfRobots: 0


Yes i replaced the key value from /odata/Releases and RobotIds from id field in /odata/Robots. Robot is running in a different machine. Do we have to provide machine name,etc or authentication token alone enough? What should be the type of robot -Development or unattended? I am trying to make a rest call from another application - web app and initiate the robot that is deployed in orchestrator. Is it possible to start a robot that is deployed in service orchestrator that is running in a different host

after changing the Strategy to specific , robot started . what are the ways through which we can get back the response . Rest or any other way to get back the response to the webapplication.


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