How we can Extract Page Source From chrome browser?

Dear All,
I need your help.
I’m stuck in web scrapping.
The scenario is that I have a list of URLs. And I have to navigate on each URL using a chrome web browser.
After that, I want to extract the Html body from all URLs with the help of chrome automation.
I didn’t want to use httpwebrequest or WebClient.

@ashishgupta1212 -

  • use NavigateTo activity to move between urls in browser

  • use GetAttribute(“innerHtml”) activity to get the html continent of the page.

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Yes I know.
But what will be the selector. If i use GetAttribute then i have to provide the Selector.
In my case each time browser navigated to new url .So foreach url i require generic selector.
So question is what will be the generic selector for each url?
Please help me.
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Hey, I have same trouble, I want to get HTML source code from a WebBrowser… IMPOSSIBLE :smiley:
I see a lot of examples using Webbrowser.DocumentText but it doesnt exists here, just Webbrowser.Document which is always empty
There must exist a way to extract all content by default