How we can demo assignment of UIpath to client without screen share?

Hello team,

How we can demo assignment of UIpath to client without screen share? What are the options we have in UIPath. Please assist. Thanks.


Hi, @pranavp to show the demo you can run the bot in your client-side system, with that execution, you can show the demo.

This can be handled in many ways based on their requirements
— if they want to see only the outcomes then Once the process is done
You can send them the report through a mail via send outlook mail activity
This would let them know that process completed successfully
Or even if it fails we can mail them accordingly

—or if they want to see the entire process to be ran in front of them, then we can connect their machine with our orchestrator and let them see the process by executing the job
But I hope you don’t need a demo so probably the first option will help you

Hope this would help you
Cheers @pranavp

Hi @pranavp

Why are you planning to demonstrate a UiPath assignment to a Client? I don’t think demonstrating an assignment will do the job. During my first demonstrations, I actually thought about the same idea. However, for a Client, it was not a good fit due to various reasons. So, I built a different demonstration which is suitable for them.

On the other hand, client will require a demonstration they can see. So if you don’t want to share the screen, the best option would be to create a video using screen recording software which you an use to show them or share with them…

My main point here is, I really don’t think a assignment will work for you and the client.

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Wonderful !!! I will look into all the options suggested and will check which will suit best. Thank you guys. Have a great day.

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Cheers @pranavp