How we can avoid multiple type into activity in uipath in automating the registration form

Hi I am practicing the uipath.So i want to register on the NewTours site.

And i need to fill all these details with just one type into activity and then submit.I have not suppose to use type into activity for each fields in registration form.

Can please someone help how can i do that.

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Yah that’s possible to use as single type into activity with key “[k(tab)]” concatenated with each each value to be written to each field
Like this
“Value1”+ “[k(tab)]”+”Value2”+ “[k(tab)]”+…

It’s similar to how we do only with keyboard without using mouse

—and to get more options like this “[k(tab)]” in type into, in the input field along the right side we got a plus symbol, click on it a drop down will come and we can use many keywords from it
—make sure that simulate type property in the type into property panel is disabled and send window message property is enabled, along wit other properties like click before typing and Emptyfield

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help
Cheers @Shruti_Gupta

Thank you very much for your reply.Can u please tell me how can i choose the country.
i want to choose India.How i can do that?

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Hi @Shruti_Gupta

You can use Select Item activity to do that like this




No Worries
you werw almost done
we can use SELECT ITEM activity which will help us to choose the one we pass as string value or variable as input, from the drop down list or list of options
–as we can choose the COUNTRY from a drop down we can use select item activity and mention the input value as “India” and select that drop down as element while chosing element for the select item.

For more info on that activity

Cheers @Shruti_Gupta

Thank U :slight_smile:

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Thank You!