How we can access value inside workflow to main workflow

how we can access value inside workflow to main workflow.add data row store the data in data table claimstatuscheck.xaml. Now I want to use this in main workflow.How can I pass the argument As mention in screen shot.

Hi @Aditya10989

You need to call the ClaimsStatusCheck from Main using Invoke Workflow File and set whatever variable you want to pass back to Main as an Out argument in ClaimsStatusCheck.



I create variable and argument to access the data in main workflow.But not getting data in main workflow.I am getting value inside workflow but not main

Make sure you don’t have the variable for the value you want defined as both a variable and an argument in the ClaimsStatusCheck workflow. Also make sure the direction of the argument in the workflow is set to either Out or In/Out.

@tmays thanks for reply I am using like this my data table variable dtuserreport

Looks like you have 9 arguments in your workflow but only 8 in main. I think you need to import arguments again.

I checked both have 11 argument.But I create same variable in main workflow which I have created in claimstatuscheck because I am not able to value in argument.I am not sure is it right or not

My bad. I was counting from the images and didn’t see the scroll bar. It’s okay to use the same variable name in Main as argument name in workflow.

Is it possible for you to upload the two xaml files?

thanks resolved