How Uipath read a marked radio button

how do uipath read a radio button, and depending on what is marked. he must continue the application or close it.

You can use the Get Attribute activity to read the various properties of the radio button. Like Checked for example.

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Open the UiExplorer and analyze the radio button element. On the left side you will find the properties of the element. Radio buttons usually have a property called “checked”.
Use the GetAttribute activity, indicate the radio button and use “checked” as your Input Attribute property. Then create a variable for the Output. The resulting variable should be True or False. Use an If activity or a Flow Decision to continue or close.

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Thank you !!!

is giving this error. What should I do ?

I’m not good with spanish, but let me give some advice:

Change variable type of “Certo” to String.
Be more precise in your If condition - Should be: Certo = “True”

For more advice I would need to see the properties panel of the GetAttribute activity :slight_smile:

I just changed the name of the variable ‘Right’ for GetAltAttribute. and this application. is a desktop application