How to Zip all the files in a folder?

I have to zip all the files as mentioned in the screenshot

My ui path studio is restricted to download any other" Zip Packages"?
Is there any option other than this

Thanks in advance

Do you have this activity in your studio??


our company using 2018.04.06

@rsr.chandu - Please try this in the invoke code…



if you have path stored in the variable, then you have to pass that in the EditArguments as in/out, ie. Say StrPath ==> in/out → StrPath

If there is an error identifying the command, import as shown below…


Screenshot 2021-04-22 194236

Added System.IO.Compression in imports also

@rsr.chandu - hmm may be because of the vb version…can you try this??


I am using old version that is the reason i am getting like this
Thankyou for your help

@rsr.chandu - Glad the issue is resolved. Could you please let us know, how you were able to solve it?

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