How to write while condition to check cell is empty and date in other cell is less than or equal to today date

i want to write the condition in while loop to check the ‘Status’ column is empty or null and date in the Date column is equals to or less than today’s date. i want to write this condition in while loop how to write that


Do you want to check for any particular cell value or want to check whole Column values ?

If you want to check for multiple cells then use ForEach Row Activity instead of While loop Activity.

Try this:

           ForEach row in inputDT
                     IF String.IsNulrEmpty(row("Status").Tostring AND row("Date").Tostring("dd/MM/yyyy") <= Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")
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hai @lakshman i took the for each and i want to check those two conditions so in the for each i took while condition

@lakshman can you please check the if condition i was getting error


Sorry. It’s typo error. It should be like this.