How to write various things into a single email in StudioX


I am making an automation in StudioX which searches multiple websites and gathers information from each site, I then want to compile all the information that I have gathered into an email to be sent off.

Can this be done in StudioX?

Thanks in advance

Depends of the data you are copying from the websites.
If it’s simple text just add an application card for each website with a get text activity saving the output to “save for later use” (do this for each webside). you will endup with several saved for later “variables”.
Then add an outlook card with send mail and in body section open Text Editor and inside from the + menu just add all the “saved for later” values.

If the data is tabel, instead of get text use extract data table activity and output it to an excel where you can also do some filtering/sort/split to columns and then attach the file to the send mail activity and sent it. Sadly you cann’t add tabelar data yet to the body of the email.

Or, if data is data tables just save each data table to one different excel file and then in the default workbook just place in each cell the path to the excels that contain the data. then in Send mail activity in attchment field just indicate the cell that contains the filepath adding more attachments at the same time.