How to write the IF condition to check the value in the Variable is numeric or not

HI all i to a variable “approval” with data type Generic data type to store any type of data now i used assigned activity and assigned the value of one of the cell to that variable"approval" now i want to write IF condition to check weather the value in that Variable “approval” is numeric or not

@bpt.teja1996 - try like


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hai @GBK i want to write ‘completed’ in the .CSV file cell of column ‘status’ at the end of the for each row process hoe to do that

@Jyotika_Halai But write cell is activity is for excel sheet wright bt my file is .csv can you help me how to use write cell in .csv

can you try below approach,

  1. Read csv file and store value in data table DT
  2. Add column in DT
  3. Processed rows using for each loop and assign status to last cell value in DT
    4.write DT in csv using write csv activity.
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@Jyotika_Halai i want to write the condition in while loop to check the ‘status’ column is empty or null and date in the date column is equals to or less than today’s date. i want to write this condition in while loop how to write that