How to write the error message of next available empty cell in a excel sheet

in the above image i have room block data. in that image scroll down is not working and i have retrieved only 6 columns data in the remaining column data place i need to write the error message of next available empty cell.
help me to resolve this issue.

thank you

Is not clear what you are looking for .please elaborate more

in the above image i have 12 days of data but here six days of data is visible,when i scroll down the page the remaining six days data is there. so when i run my workflow scroll down is not working. i got this error ui element not found . so i need to write this error message to excel like this remaining data is not visible so it is not possible to retrieve.

you Can handle in the exception and write exception.message in the excel , have you tried this?

no i didn’t try

@manogna The Scroll Down is not working Even manually when you try to Scroll down?

yes manually it is working but automatically scroll down is not working

i am using hot key to scroll down that page. is there any another option to scrolling?

@manogna What Hot key Have you used?

send hot key activity

@manogna Yes, But what are the Keys you have used? :sweat_smile:

ctrl–>down keys

@manogna Have you indicated the Table as the Screen for Send Hot Key Activity, and have you tried with Page Down?

yes i have indicated the screen and also i have tried page down. Here one more thing is some times i have only 3 weeks data Monday,Tuesday,wednesday like this at that time scroll bar is not enable.

@manogna Are you Able to Extract it as a Datatable?


@manogna How were you able to Extract those 6 rows Data?

i am using get visible text and add the assign activity to increasing row index value.

@manogna Have you tried Click Activity to Check if it can scroll Down?

yes i have tried click activity if there is no scroll down then what is the condition?