How to write the concatenate formula in write cell in uipath

yesss it gives same error

wait 2 min

now you can continue.

Hi @Bhargavi_Lokapur ,

Please this new update formula.

"=CONCATENATE(D2,\""+" "+"\",\""+"INV NO"+"\",\""+"-"+"\",E2,\""+" "+"\",D3,\""+" "+"\",\""+"INV NO"+"\",\""+"-"+"\",E3,\""+" "+"\",D4,\""+" "+"\",\""+"INV NO"+"\",\""+"-"+"\",E4,\""+" "+"\",D5,\""+" "+"\",\""+"INV NO"+"\",\""+"-"+"\",E5)"

This is working now.

Regards and Happy Learning :grinning:
Achal Sharma

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yes… Its working good…Thank You so much

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