How to write text in scanned pdf or jpg file


We have the extracted data that we need to update in scanned pdf or jpg document.
Could you please help me how to write the extracted text to scanned pdf using UiPath ?

hi @Sruthi_S , can you elaborate on this requirement. Do you want to write the extracted data to a pdf ? I did not understand when you mentioned that you need to write it to a scanned pdf.

Yes we have the extracted data and we need to fill the scanned pdf forms

I think you need to have a native pdf in order to write to it. I don’t think you can do it on a scanned pdf. I do not find this in the documentation as well.

Hi @Sruthi_S

Welcome to the community,

The best approach i find is to convert that pdf to an editable word document using word activities and fill the form and convert back to pdf.

The scanned pdf/image is limited to only reading operations. Writing to a scanned pdf or jpg is not possible.

You can create a solution that creates output in another format say, any writable file such as text, word, or Excel, and point a location to that scanned pdf file.
Or come up with another kind of creative solution.

Good Luck!