How to write text in non visible textarea

Hi good morning
I am currently developing an automation for captcha solution, with the help of dedicated apis such as anticaptcha, the point is that in most cases, such as hcaptcha or recaptcha, you enter a textarea that has display none, therefore it is not visible, I have tried to change to add the activity to the flow but then when it is running it does not find the element and does not perform the activity, how could I fill it so that the captcha solution is executed?

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Hey @Gary_Giron

You mean the text area is not visible on the screen ?


Hi @Nithinkrishna ,
What happens is that in the captcha, you have a text box where, when resolved, the alphanumeric code of the answer is entered, but this is not visible to the user, but only internally.

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First I m wondering how the captcha is resolved in a reliable way
But if it’s working then it’s perfect

If I understand correctly though you have found the txt to be entered, the field where it has to be entered is not visible

Then let’s try a simple work around like use only keyboard without mouse
That is use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab and use n number of send HotKey activities with same key until it reaches the field where we want to enter the value

Once it has reached that field use a SET CLIPBOARD ACTIVITY pass the string you want to type

Then finally use a SEND HOTKEY activity with key as ctrl+v

This will paste the value from clipboard

Note : Whenever we are using Send HotKey activity have only the key and don’t indicate any element

Let us know if you are facing a different scenario

Cheers @Gary_Giron

Hey @Gary_Giron

Thanks for the screenshot.

I can understand now that the element itself is not displayed on the screen…

So could you please explain how the captcha is entered into this textbox when the process is done manually.

Is there any Ui-Action you perform to make this captcha textbox visible on the screen when doing manually…

Kindly confirm.