How to write TASK data into queue?

Hi guys,
I was trying to build that once i submit or sign my tasks, the data in tasks will write into queue, Is there anyactivities or form task can do that?? how to ??

The data can be write into Queue items as FormTaskData

Hi @miles.chen ,
Once action is completed , the workflow will resume (from the point where you invoked ‘wait and resume’ activity).
All the changes to the Form Data will be automatically mapped to the same workflow variables those were marked as out or in/out in the Form Data collection post resumption.
You could use system activity Add queue item to add any of the above user input to a queue.

After “Wait and Resume”, all i got is the last task data created in sequence:(

Hi @miles.chen ,
Use Parallel For Each if you are waiting on multiple actions so that as and when any action is completed, workflow gets resumed and you could add the in/out or out from that task to the queue.
UiPath Action Center Workflow Templates - #2 can give you some ideas as well as snippets in studio (snippets> Orchestration)

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