How to write specific Percentage from Excel using assign activity

How can I write from an excel sheet to another application using assign activity…
For Eg.I am copying some text…so I will write
Here text is a variable

Text=row.item(“Text”). ToString

I have another column of percentage named Appointment having so many percentages eg. 25.0000%…How can I write the assign activity for following Appointment column

Hi @Dovari_Keerti

Like this

Appointment = CurrentRow(“Appointment”).ToString

I hope it helps!!


1.Use read range activity and read the excel and store it in a variable
2.Use the for each row in data table activity and in that use the assign acitivities.

CurrentRow("Your Column Name").tostring


Hi @Dovari_Keerti

Use the “Read Range” activity
“For Each Row” activity to iterate over each row in the DataTable.
Inside the loop
Assign-> appointmentValue=CurrentRow(“Your Column Name”).tostring

Use the variable appointmentValue in the application

Hope it helps!!

But the assign activity is reading 25.000% like …0.25%…I want to read exact percentage to write in a form.

But the assign activity is reading 25.000% like …0.25%…I want to read exact percentage to write in a form

The .tostring() Method will convert the Percentage to string var and it will read as you are expected.


In Read Range Activity Check Preserve Format and try

Will it make problem if we are reading 25.000% as 0.25
Became I am reading data from excel where there are 2 columns as Code and Appointment
Code is reading fine…but when I am reading Appointment it is feeding the data as 0.25%…
I already used the code u all stated above …but I want to read exact 25 and write 25…


Try this it is working

Okay let me try… Thank you so much…I think it will work now


let me know after you try

It Worked Thank you!!

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You can use preserve format in read range workbook

Or if youa re using excel read range then use display values option

If you use preserve format or display value it might read the percentage symbol as well

Apart from that normally whenever we read percentage from excel it reads in decimals only…in the backend percentage is stored as decimal so to get proper value you can multiply it will 100 which gives the percentage value…

Cint(row("PercentageColumn").ToString) * 100 will give you the required value

These are the different options choose anything that you like



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