How to write remarks for system exception

Hello guys,

I want to add remarks for system exception and move to next transaction.

how could i get index of the excel to add comments in the remark column.


Are using it in reframework

If so

In the catch block of process state under exception block

Use assign activity or write cell activity


You can perform a loop up with unique column and get the row index from excel and write it

Or same can be done from datatable lookup as well


Hi @Gokul_Murali,

Can you please elaborate your question, I mean you have number of excel file as a transaction item or you have list of items in a single excel file.

If you have one excel file and iterating through each line item as transaction items and you are looking for index of current line item, then you can use the following LINQ to get the index of current line item.

LINQ : dt.AsEnumerable.tolist().findindex(Function (row) row(“Transaction”).ToString.Equals(“7654”))

Replace the column name “Transaction” with desired column name and do the same with value “7654” too.

I hope it will work.

I want to add remarks for system exception.

I have added a lookup table to get the index of the blank column to add remarks.



it is logging into the app but not processing the next transaction.




can you share where you are using this whether in reframework or any other?

Iam using this in REFRAMEWORK

I made changes in Config file also


why use lookup datatable

just use assign activity inside the exception block


is this you are expecting or any other?

No the remarks is adding properly for system exception.

But after that exception RPA is closing the app and login again to the application and it got stopped not going to the next transaction.


can you share the condition which you given in the get transaction state

I haven’t changed any condition in get transaction state.

I only changed the config file value from 0 to 10

Hi @Gokul_Murali

If you are using the RE Frameworks, In the Set Transaction status xaml open the System exception block in that there is a set transaction activity below of that you can use the Write cell workbook or write cell activity to write the remarks for the system exception in excel.

When go through the flow, If system exception occurred in the code it went to System exception block in Set Transaction status xaml, after updating to excel it will go for the next Transaction item in the queue.

Hope it helps!!


There only i added the write cell, it is adding the Remark in status column, closing the application and loging again to the application but not processing the Next transaction data.


Yes @Gokul_Murali

If you see the structure of the RE Frameworks, If the System exception occurs it will go from Process Transaction Status to the Initialization Status and execute the login process again and it went to process transaction state but it will take the next transaction Item for sure.

Hope you understand!!


Lookup should be on the unique column like id invoice number etc and not on blank


Hello guys issue got solved i solved it in another way

thanks for the support

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