How to write outlook mail body table to excel file


I am beginner in Uipath. I am trying to extract table from mail to excel.

Table looks like this.

I have already gone through How to write email body table to excel file link but didnot understand the solution completely.Can someone explain me the process or share me the xaml file to extract the data.

try them using split function

This post seems similar to your’s


It helped me but i need content of multiple mails with same subject line into one excel.Can you help me out.

Columns, rows of table remains same? If yes, use ‘for’ each email and scrape the data as required.

for the same subject line, refer below

Hi @Ramya1 You can use save mail message acttivity and save it as .mht format and use start process to open the mht file and scrap the data using data scraping.It will have output datatable. you can use write range to write in excel.