How to write location to save as window of excel?

Hello. In RPA, I export an excel file from a drawing program. Excel opens directly and I have to save it to specific location. When I try to write special location to location tab, program can’t write location because location tab is like interactive:

I used type into activity. I don’t know how to write location other activities.


Use Get Text activity and get the FileName which is already in the box
Now TypeInto activity and paste the path as "C:\Program Files" + GetTextVariable
Hope this will help you


I don’t understand why do I need use Get Text, I won’t use the location which is written on location tab. I have location in my mind. But I can’t write this location to location tab with type into activity. Nothing happens when I try it.

Hi @Anna.Dewitt

Can you increase the DelayBeyweenKeys in properties of Type Into activity and try?

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.


Get Text is to copy the fileName which is already shown in the SaveAs ->FileName field

If you don’t need then not to use Set Text activity

Use TypeInto / Set Text activity with the path and the fileName with extension

Hope this will help you


I increased it and it didn’t work. Thank you for help.

I see. I don’t need that location so I used Set Text too but it doesn’t work. Nothing happens when program runs. Thank you for help.


Use type into activity and enable the option click before type in the properties section. Please try and let us know. If you still facing issue. Pls share us screenshot of the field you are trying to enter path and also the work flow if possible. Thanks.

Hello. I tried click before activity but it click middle of the location bar:

For instance, it clicks program files part and can’t write location to bar again.

Sorry, I think I didn’t understand what you said before. I wrote whole path to file name tab, the problem is solved. Thank you.

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