How to write list of values in csv/excel in one cell only

How to write list of values in csv/excel in one cell only?
I am extracting multiple value using 1 matches activity.
How to save all the value in one variable ?

Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal

Can you share some sample input\output?


Thanks for your reply.

please check the image.
These are the output collection which I want to save in excel/csv in one cell.

Is this is input? @Smruti_Smita_Samal

and you need to write this whole text in one excel cell?

Yes I need to write all the content in one cell

Hey there @Smruti_Smita_Samal ,

If your example is a whole string you could use the .replace() function to get rid off the
unwanted elements like <‘span>, <’/span>, [ , ], etc.
Use link to read more about .replace()

Use an assign activity
string1 = string1.replace(“[”,“”)

Matches activity returns 10 values in span tag.
How to concatenative all the value in one variable so I can use that variable later or to save that data to csv in one cell.
Html tags are not important for now. I can replace it later.

Entire process have 3 matches activity.
1st match returns - Name
2nd match returns - Age
3rd one return (Subject like)- Math, science, History.
So Basically I want the csv like below format.

Name Age Subject

Amit 24 History, Math

I am able to save Name and age value.

Str=String.Join(“,”,MatchesOutpt.Cast(of Match).Select(Function(M) M.Value).Toarray)