How to write IntelligentOCR Validation Station results to Excel?

Hello Forum,

I’m using the Present Validation Station activity to validate an OCR-scanned data table. I would like to write the validated output to Excel. To do so, the validated data’s type needs to be converted from ExtractionResult to DataTable.

One approach I attempted was to use GetTableFieldValue(String). However, its output is a 2d array of type UiPath.SmartData.DataContracts.Results.TableFieldValue which also does not have an obvious conversion to DataTable. Please advise!


Figured it out. In an Assign activity:

TableValues = HumanValidated.GetTableFieldValue(“CustomGroup.CustomCategory.SmartDef.table_block”)

  • TableValues is of type UiPath.SmartData.DataContracts.Results.TableFieldValue[][]
  • SmartDef is the name of my Abbyy document defiinition file (SmartDef.fcdot)
  • HumanValidated is the output of PresentValidationStation (of type ExtractionResult)

Next instantiate a DataTable and add rows to it with a normal For Each activity (might work with For Each Row as well):

For each row in TableValues:

  • AddDataRow activity with input ArrayRow={row(0).RawValue, row(1).RawValue, row(2).RawValue, row(3).RawValue, row(4).RawValue}

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