How to write in the same cell in every sheet of excel workbook

For each sheet I am using excel process scope> Excel application scope to write to a cell.

I want to keep the starting column static e.g. H10 but increase the row count(counter) in every sheet to populate the data. This is what I am using : $“H”+Index.Tostring .How do I make the index start at 10th row for all the sheets. It moves incrementally in each sheet.


Thanks for the reply.

I tried various variations of Cint but the same error. It gets compiled but during execution gives an error (Write Cell: Expression Activity type ‘VisualBasicValue`1’ requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled.)

However, “Double” is working but with the same result as earlier. Counter does increase but as it changes the sheets in the workbook it does not start with H10 row. it takes the last counter eg H15 or H18.


Logic :

Check each sheet name in workbook
compare each sheet name with data table
if Sheet = required sheet name
start from H10 row and fill data

I need to fill multiple sheets but all starting from row H10 .

Hi @Yasha_S ,

Please update the Excel activities and system activities package from Manage package window and try to run it again.

They are all updated.

HI @Yasha_S

If you have assigned index =10 before for each
make sure index should be integer datatype.

Inside for each

  • If CurrentItem.Tostring.contains(“SheetName you wanted”)
    • True->Assign Sheetname = CurrentItem.Tostring
    • If Sheetname.equals(CurrentItem.ToString)
      • True->Excel application Scope
        • Write Cell with cell value as “H”+Index.Tostring
        • Assign Index = index+1
      • False → Assign Index =10
      • Excel application Scope
        • Write Cell with cell value as “H”+Index.Tostring

For this error remove all the Double quotes used in the write cell activity and retype the double quotes manually there


can u share Xaml file here