How to write in multiple excel cells once?

I know how to take keyword from excel cell to search from google and screen scrape wanted information and then paste it to same excel file cell, but what if I want search multiple screen scraped values and paste all of them into own cells in same excel file? This is how I managed to do that so far, but what modifications I need to make it run multiple google screen scrape searches and write multiple excel cells during same workflow? I need to create some kind of loop which takes keyword from excel->searches google it->screen scrapes it->writes value into cell and same over again?
Main.xaml (12.2 KB)

yah that would work fine within a loop
are you facing any issue in that

i m unable to see the xaml
kindly attach with project.json file with the xaml as a zipped folder

Cheers @Darba

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There you go @Palaniyappan yeh Im facing issue creating everything in the loop.

It works, but Iā€™m just having trouble of creating multiple search entries from excel keywords to google->data scrapes from them and in the end filling the cells with data scrape results. Tried loop it but with no success.