How to write in excel for loop

Every transaction I processed, bot should get the text and putting it in excel file.

Here is my reframework file (1.2 MB)

Hi @prititit

I think u can write cell activitiy to write the data obtained from text into excel file


I already put a write cell activity. But my text is only putting in 1 cell. In β€œE2”

Tried putting int32. β€œE” + counter.ToString

counter = counter + 1

But it’s not working.

Thats my only issue :confused:

So u want to enter

For first transaction u should enter in E2

For second tranactions u should enter in E3

so generally u should put cell address in write cell as β€œE”+(transactionnumber+1).ToString

(Defaulty transactionnumber in reframework is 1)

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As i see in the initialization you are using the Queues, But in Process you are not using Queues

So can you tell me are you using the Queues?


Hello @Srini84

Yes i’m using the queues. Thats what I search from the excel file :slight_smile:


it worked. but im confuse as to why this is what happens

The yellow highlighted is the text needed

which is

D0760_B357314 - 99169775
D0GBY_B010585 - 99168036