How to write Grade from given percentage in excel?


In my excel sheet, there is already given student total and percentage.
By using this I have to generate and write Grades (according to given percentage) in excel sheet.

Anyone please help me with solution.


can you tell us the grade and corresponding percentage range?

Assignment2.xlsx (10.0 KB)


Please find attached excel.

i mean what percentage is each grade?

e.g. A = 80-100 etc… B = 60-80…

Percentage Grade
above 90 A
above 60 - 90 B
above 35 - 60 C
below 35 D

refer to this
Excel.xaml (17.5 KB)



You could use a State Machine with 4 different transitions based on the grades. Place it inside a ‘for each row’ activity.

Each transition will write in its given row(“Grade”) based on the rule you set

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