How to write excel data table into Outlook body and send mail based on e-mail ID mentioned in the same excel data?

Hello Ui Path experts, Good day…

I am new to UiPath and need your help on the below.

  1. I have a list of project records/excel data along with e-mail details in it and I want to send that data as a table inserted in the mail body. Also copy the header.

  2. There are chances the e-mail ID is repeated more than once e.g. if the mail ID is repeated twice i.e. on row 1 and row 2, then both the rows i.e. row 1 and row 2 data should be included in the body of the mail and mail
    to be send only once.

  3. All the data against that particular mail ID is to be included in a single mail as a excel data table and mail should be send only once against each employee ID.

How this activity can be automated in UiPath, please suggest some code/activities in UiPath. I tried to build RPA using For each row and read range activity but it’s sending the multiple e-mails if the e-mail ID is repeated.
Test data.xlsx (10.5 KB)


The forum search feature works great for these kind of common questions.

For example…

Thanks, that link has helped me.