How to Write excel column sheet as message sent

I have the excel data I did the automation in the mail after sent a mail I want to wite message sent I did that automation I can write also but the thing is if remove the data in the center of the column it’s not written the message sent but its work will send the mail to the empty column but it’s not written mail sent.
Check the bellow screenshot

Please help me!

Hey @Chethan_P :wave:

How are you verifying if the mail has been sent? To whom are you sending the emails? If the emails are in the same Excel then, you can iterate through the DT, send emails and update the column right away using row(Status) = "Message Sent".

Kindly try this and let me know if you are facing any issues.


i use that but the thing for an example i 3 rows are there in that 2nd row its not fill message sent
but the thing is its not work its not fill the message sent in the 2 row but mail will send that particular row but its not write.

Could you share the workflow here? I could perhaps take a look at it to understand what’s going wrong?

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If not, ensure you’re following the below given steps in your workflow:

  1. Read the input Excel file (which contains the email IDs, message, status and other columns as required)
  2. Iterate the DT using a For Each Row activity.
  3. Send email using Exchange or Outlook activity.
  4. Use an Assign activity to update the message and status columns.

Let me know if you are facing any issues.

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Were you able to solve this? Facing any issues?

in the excel its write mail sent but the problem is if column fills with mail sent for an example 5 column is there in excel but the 5 column 1st three is fill with mail send and last 5th mail written but the fourth row it’s not written mail sent I want to send the mail to the fourth row of the mail id after that I want to update that row of the status column update as mail sent.


Try this updated workflow: Main.xaml (7.7 KB)

Let me know your thoughts.



Did it work buddy? I have updated the workflow. Check this and let me know if you are facing any issues.

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