How to write down days of month side by side

Hey everyone,

I have an excel document, and I want to write down the days of the current month as 2/1/2021,2/2/2021 etc.

I want it to be exactly like this with the same cells, starting from d1 and it will go on as e1,f1…:
sample.xlsx (7.7 KB)

I am open to suggestions :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi @jntrk,
Could you explain it little bit more? Describe your automation - how it should work/what should it do?

Hey @Pablito,

I want it to write days of the current month in a single row, column by column. Exactly like in the sample. if you look at the sample excel I shared you will understand better :slight_smile:

here are the column A.---------B.--------C.----D.----E----.F…
and this is ,1st row 2/1/2020–2/2/2020–2/3/2020

Date format is (M/d/yyyy)

I hope I made it more clear to understand

So actually I want to make a datatable with headers as date.

Thank you,

U can use the code in c# @jntrk




okay I understand but I dont want to write day by day. So when its begining of month this will execute and fill all the headers with days of current month.

@jntrk Can you check the workflow provided below : (3.0 KB)

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Perfect. Thank you

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