How to write data to excel where 1 condition has 2 different result?


I got an activity to do below :

I have to output a data with condition of insurance period is 5 year, 6 year…

Due to covid-19 there’s restructure on the insurance where the 5 year period (60 months) become 6 year period (72 months). The value is still 5 years period.

My data is 5 years period of insurance, but the database is written 72 months due to the restructure as explained. There is 1 contract that the insurance is not restructured and actually 72 months (with 6 years period of insurance).

How to automate the robot to write to excel with data like this? Using switch case is not gonna work because the value is from JSon and have to be iterated again

Hi @Rhys18,

Here, the formats you have worked with can be provided using conditions. Can you share sample data, and how you want the output to be.


The sample data is like this :

Condition A :
5 year period (60 months) : Ins A, ins A, ins A, ins B, ins B

due to restructure, the insurance become 6 year (72 months) but the value is still Ins A, ins A, ins A, ins B, ins B.

In short way this can be solved with switch. If the period is 6, then it will process 5 json value. But the problem is there is an insurance like this :

Condition B :
6 year period (72 months) : ins A, ins A, ins A, ins B, ins B, ins B

If the value of the case is condition B, then json will be processed and the output will be “Number of Insurance is 6”

but if it’s condition A, the json value will be processed and the output will be “Number of insurance is 6” while the actually number is 5 insurance. That’s for example