How to write data to excel from dictionary key array has headers and dictionary values to rows

I have date dictionary. I want to extract keys array from dictionary and want to write this key array to excel headers. Then want to write dictionary value in row.Like this

Hi @muneeb

use for each row in datatable
use add to dictionary
key row(“ColumnName”).ToString


and create a dictionary value

Ashwin S

Hi @muneeb

1.First create Dictionary object
use assign activity in_dic = new Dictionary(of String,String)
2.Read excel data
Use Excel application scope pass the path where you save the excel file
and then use read range activity pass the sheet name create output data table variable.
3.use for each row activity pass the data table variable
and use assign activity in_dic(row(“KeyColumnName”)) = row(“Value”).

Kommi Jeevan.