How to write data scrapping to text file (solved) and move email to draft folder?

Hi! I can`t get how to write data scrapping to text file. For me it works only with .csv file.
And also how to move email. For example to ‘drafts’ folder without outlook express. Thank you!

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How are you writing to .csv file?

If Write CSV activity, did you try changing the file extension to txt instead of csv?

In which variable type do you have the scrapped data?

Did you try Move Outlook Mail Message activity?

I did but i`ve got empty text file.


Yes. Outlook works. But othre no. Like Move IMAP Mail Message activity.

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Try OutputDataTable Activity and write the Output to WriteTextFile Activity?


It works! Thank you!

But can you help me with second question how to move email to folder but not using outlook?