How to write data in next column and then loop the same and write in below row

Hi I have created a workflow which extract data from website and create a CSV file and then write data in that but im not able to make it write in Column B - Cell B2 and Column C - Cell C3. I have make this write 50 times… Please help me i have lookedup every where for solution but cant find any

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Hi @sandy2912

I would suggest you to use a simpler approach. First, when you use the Build Data Table activity, build the full table, like this:

Then, instead of pushing your data one by one, collect it at the same time to three String variables:


Then, push all three Strings to your new DataTable with Add Data Row like this:

{nameString, phoneNumberString, DateOfBirthString}

After that is done, if you save that DataTable to a CSV file (or an Excel file), it will be properly saved to different columns.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@loginerror thanks a lot it worked…

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