How to write cell start from cell A2?

Hello. I am beginner for RPA, especially UiPath. i have some task from my lecturer. I want to write cell from master data (master.xlsx) to (output.xlsx). i am use for each row for specific column. And then, i want to write cell to output.xlsx start from cell A2. Because A1 is field name / column name. I just get the data from master.xlsx, without header. Can you help me for this problem? Thanks!

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First u can a intialise a counter variable with intial value of 2

Then use for each row to loop through each row of the datatable

Inside the loop, do the following:

Use write cell activitiy with cell value as "A"+counter.ToString

Then increment the counter by one using assign activitiy



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THANKYOU! IT WORKS!! :smiley: :smiley:
Iā€™m lacking at value of counter variable. and then, i add the value of counter variable!

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