How to write Cell Address in the "Get Cell Color" Under App Integration>Excel>Cell>Get Cell Color?

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I want to write Cell Address in the Installed > App Integration > Excel > Cell > Get Cell Color , which i am selecting and still i am getting error message. 

I Know in Classic > App Integration > Excel > Get Cell Color i am getting Results. 

But, I want get results from Installed > App Integration > Excel > Cell > Get Cell Color... How to do that ........

Screen Shots


Please Help....

Hi @Thiyaga_rajan

Could you edit and keep the query in a proper way since the images aren’t visible.


I got error message …while write query or screen shots
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Try editing the post. That should make us the question clear.



Get Cell color is available in both Clasic and Modern experience.
In case of Classic Experience you can do the below way:
In case of Modern Experience you have to use Get Cell color this way:

Hope it helps!!

Thanks Parvathy … clear Screen Shots…and " Use Excel File " Option … Yes, Now, I learned New things … 2 days I stared learn UiPath… watching Youtube Videos…and Practice all are using Classic menu … but Modern Menu experience I want to practice. Now, both Classic and Modern I can able to practice … Hopefully.

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You’re welcome @Thiyaga_rajan

Happy Automation


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