How to write an excel header by uipath


Now, I am working on generating an excel process, and I have a problem in writing an excel header for each sheet. I have tried to use the recording action, but it can not identified the selector.
Please refer to the result shown below:


Do I have any other option to complete this process? I just want to type something ie: number on the excel header.

Thank you for your assistance.

That selector seems to identify the entire Excel window, opened with a document called “RFQ-Template.xlsx”. In order this to work just make sure you have such a file opened in Excel when you execute the activity. Or you can fine tuning your selector (for example use wildcards in the value of title property).

Working with Excel might be sometimes tricky. That’s why my suggestion is to use shortcuts. In this case you have Alt-v,h to edit the header (this means 2 consecutive SendHotkey activities, first Alt + v, second h, sent to the main excel window).

I try to use the SendHotkey activities, and it works

thank u so much!