How to write a value which is already stored in avariable

Hi guys,

I have stored a value from ERP application and want to write the variable value in excel.

How can I do that??


Hi @nirmalya.sarkar ,

Use write cell activity and assign your variable as input and cell reference where you want to write. Thanks.

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Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

Use For each row in Data Table

To write the Data in the Excel

Use Assign Activity

LHS → Row(“Column name”)
RHS → Variable that store the value

Hop it will works



you can proceed with the above 2 solutions provided by @kirankumar.mahanthi1 and @Gokul001.

But we can also write the data in to excel by using Add data row activity!

take one build dt and mention the columns like column1,column2… so on…(As per your requirement) output as DtOut

now take the for each row now take the add data row inside the array of row mention like this: {YourVariable (Which is having the data)} mention dt as DtOut


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