How to write a list into excel

Hi everyone

I am working on a list, which is like this {(Form No, Item Name, Rate), (Form No, Item Name Rate)}
meanwhile, I have a column of data which should be added to the list one by one, and the result in the excel will looks like this

But because this datatable need to be appended on the existing table, so I don’t know where to start, which means I have to combine the list and the data table of value together, then append the whole datatable

I have used this method,

however, the result datatable is repeating every row for 26 times.
So I want to use which for the list, define a coutner, and use for each row inside the which, but the output of first column is all like this: system.string

how to write this array list and combine the value datatable together into excel?? thx

Hi @jingwang0222,

Just a suggestion,(Hoping both sheets data in the same format), If you have existing records in sheet1, first read the count (row count) of sheets in sheet1 and then read the table in sheet2 and write the table of sheet2 after the row count in sheet1