How to write a Linq query for this usecase


can you tell what to do if blanks value are there we need to go next step and update cells. excel file is attached below.

let say cell value is blank. i don’t want to update status cell. if value contains less than or greater than zero then it should update increased or decreased in status cell.

In attached excel screenshot file, chase didnt contain value it is we dont want to update that cell. leave it blank.

i want to use Linq Query because i have huge data to update.

Here, i attached my sample file along with my code and cell data.Please go through and help with the particular solution.

Please let me know, Awaiting for response.

Thanks in advance.

Main.xaml (14.4 KB)

Hi @Sai.Srinivas

Check out this xaml file and output
Main.xaml (10.4 KB)
Status.xlsx (10.6 KB)


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