How to work with online data tables

i wanted to automate the data entry of my work, there are two things that i needed to do.

  1. search for the blanks and update it with stand response. [for fast updation]
  2. cross check all cells online with an CSV file and update from csv if data found on web table is different.

the requirement 1 is intended to make the portal functional and after the portal is functional the process 2 shall take care of the correctness of the portal.

in order to add any value to the online table the left hand side check box is to be checked.

i wanted to do a loop to check the blanks on one of the columns and the click on check box to type into the blank cell. but i dont know how the loop parameters for online table would be. i have been googling and youtubing for hours now but all results were unsatisfactory.

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