How to work with Nexus Terminal v 7.50

How to connect UiPath with Nexus Terminal Emulator v 7.50?


Nexus Terminal supports HLLAPI, but it requires a bit of setup in advance.

From terminal's menu, before opening a session, you need to enable it HLL API by going to menu Session → API Setup and see how it needs to be configured:


IMPORTANT:  The short session identifier is mandatory, you can set it from "A" to "Z" (in my example above I specified "A"). The short session ID is actually used in UiPath Terminal EHLL connection, see here:



The Short ID from the Nexus Terminal API setup needs to match the one in UiPath Terminal Session Connection Configuration.

If in doubt, go with "A", this is the default in UiPath.

After setting up the API, now setup a session in the Nexus application (as in below screenshot)



Now  connect the terminal through menu Session → Connect.